Greetings, Developers and Investors of WhiteBitcoin (WBTC).

We are excited to announce the historic occasion of WhiteBitcoin’s (WBTC) sixth anniversary, which will be followed by 6 years of incredible expansion. The constant faith, confidence, and support of our investors has been vital in our achievement in reaching remarkable milestones.
We are thrilled to share a number of ground-breaking announcements for the next years as we celebrate this milestone. These announcements span the next 20 years and go beyond merely the road map.

Q1 2024: Upgrade to VIP Wallet:
Await the best BTC, WBTC, and WEB3 VIP Wallet experience! With a ton of new features, the revised version is set to launch on the anniversary of White Bitcoin (WBTC). Await the Google Play Store release with anticipation.

Launch of Web3 Wallet in Q2 2024:
The Web3 version of the VIP Wallet Mobile App & Web Based App will be released in Q2 2024, enabling customers to access and use all of the app’s and website’s capabilities. You’re in for an easy-to-use experience!

Q4 2024: Release of the Advance Blockchain App, Future and Option Contracts in BELPAY.IO Exchange & One Additional Exchange:-
Get ready for an incredible occasion! The WhiteBitcoin Development Team is starting Future & Option Contract in two Exchanges. The introduction of an Advanced Blockchain will relieve the burden on Bitcoin transactions, encourage WBTC to be moved on decentralized exchanges, and offer up limitless opportunities.

Q1 2025 – Q4 2026: Advance Blockchain-Based NFT Platform:
Start your NFT adventure! The WhiteBitcoin (WBTC) Community will have access to new experiences and opportunities when we introduce a new NFT platform on the Advanced Blockchain.

Second Mining Halving in Q2 2026:
Witness another significant event when we implement WhiteBitcoin’s (WBTC) mining halving, which will propel us forward and advance cryptocurrency to a new phase of development.

Q4 2026: Public Mining Code:
The much-anticipated public introduction of the Mining Code at the end of the year will allow more Mining Partners to continue participating.

Q1 2027: Block Matching Affiliate Program Closing & Staking Program for VIP Wallet Proceed with the Reward Halving Process till 2038:-
While we are ending the Block Matching Affiliate Program and extending the Staking Program through 2038, try the development of the VIP Wallet. Every affiliate is eligible to release hold WBTC 7% per month, and there will be exciting prizes.

Q2 2027: The Multi-Exchange Status of WhiteBitcoin (WBTC):-
WBTC will go live on several new international exchanges in Q2 2027, including Binance, Coinbase, Advance Blockchain, Polonex, Bitmex, ByBit,,, and

Q1 2028: Development Code for Public All-Type:
Public development codes are released, allowing you to explore the future.

Third Mining Halving: Q2 2030
Proceed with the Third Mining Halving, which is strengthening WBTC’s position in the cryptocurrency space.

Fourth Mining Halving in Q2 2034:
We commemorate the Fourth Mining Halving as another significant achievement that demonstrates our commitment to sustained prosperity.

Q2 2038: Final Mining Decline:
The voyage comes to an end with the last halving, when the Advanced Blockchain will employ WBTC to settle the transaction fees of BTC, BCH, BTG, BSV, and NFT.

We are dedicated to securing White Bitcoin (WBTC) for the future by implementing Web3 metaverse technology and preparing for expansion and the release of new coins in the years to come.

Get ready, White Bitcoin (WBTC) family—with cutting-edge technology and exciting changes in the VIP Wallet, we’re embarking on an incredible journey to redefine cryptocurrency and break new ground. Get ready for an unforgettable journey!